The rule for selecting materials and colours for a modern kitchen is that there are none. Natural stones, raw woods, highly pressurized composites, and hi-gloss can all have a place in the modern kitchen.  Sleek lines are perhaps the most obvious signifier of a modern kitchen with flat-fronted, frameless cabinetry, minimal (or concealed) hardware, simple but sleek appliances, floating shelves and strong horizontal lines.  Any ornamentation is gained only from the characteristics of natural materials used.


Contemporary design can be seen as 'modern' but includes elements of other styles while pushing the boundaries of what we know.  It exudes personality by allowing the homeowner to express themselves by the use of multiple layered materials with lots of texture, different lines and even pattern.  Contemporary kitchens most often include cutting-edge design including the use of functional gadgets, storage- and lighting solutions as well as sleek, highly functional built-in appliances.


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